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Window Fakro WSZ 54×75

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Roof hatch FAKRO WSZ

The FAKRO WSZ roof hatch, due to its low insulating capability, is intended for unheated lofts where the indoor temperature is close to the outside temperature. It provides safe access to the roof of the building for future maintenance purposes. The roof hatch has a flap. The semicircular polycarbonate dome opens through 180°, providing easy access to the roof and an effective light source. The material is characterised by increased resistance to weathering and UV rays.
A metal handle placed in the lower part of the hatch facilitates the opening of the window to ventilate the room.


WS hatches meet the requirements for technical conditions that buildings and their location should meet.,

  • The frame is made of vacuum-impregnated pine wood,
  • Special handle enables locking the sash in three positions hence allowing space ventilation.
  • the hatch is mounted on the roofs with pitches from 15° to 55°,
  • Installation on battens is fast and easy and does not require replacing or soffits, When installing on trimmers we can move the window horizontally to better adjust the place of installation in relation to the roof material profile.,
  • installation accessories, added as standard to the hatch make the installation and fitting easy and safe
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