About us


From a small workshop after considerate plant

The company BIAL-MET originally dealt with the production of spare parts for machines. Already two years after the start, the owner Leszek Zozula began producing luggage trailers for cars and trucks.

For several yrs, the company BIAL-MET grown, increased surface production facilities, expanded the production profile. Now the company has modern machinery and systematically implements new technologies for the processing of steel.

The main activity is the production of roofing. These are mainly trapezoidal, roof tiles and roof panel

In addition, the BIAL-MET is also involved in the production of profiles for plasterboard panels and window sills and all treatments roofing.
A significant part of your business is the production of gutters and pipes drawn metal, which are made to measure of customer’s wish.

Since 2008 BIAL-MET also sells steel products. In 2012 he opened a modern production line for cutting the longitudinal and transverse sheets with a thickness of 2 mm and a width of 1500 mm.

In 2011 we started the production of roof accessories:  snow  hurdles  and tons and chimney’s grades . This year we started producing accessories for bars fencing panel.

To achieve this potential was needed many years of experience, a great effort, employment, professional staff, and above all the involvement of the family.
For several years, the owner of the company in business to help his two sons Daniel and Sebastian.